Joy to the World: Blog Series Introduction

Christmas is a time that celebrates Christ’s birth. However,  with the shopping, parties, finals, decorating and busyness, Christ can unimaginably be so far from our thoughts. A holiday named after Christ is celebrated by millions who scarcely have room in their thoughts and hearts for him.

This is why tomorrow I am beginning a blog series of four posts called “Joy to the World.” Each of the 4 posts will look at one of the verses of the well-known Christmas Carol Joy to the World.

It is my hope through the glorious truths of this song and scripture to lift high Christ in an effort to draw our thoughts, hearts and affections to him. My prayer is for us to even for a few minutes adore Christ and so make this season richer regardless of how busy, difficult or distracted this Christmas may be.  Let every heart prepare him room!


Here are the four posts:

Joy to the World: Blog Series Introduction

1st Post: Let Earth Receive Her King

2nd Post: Repeat the Sounding Joy

3rd Post: The Great Curse Breaker

4th Post: Proving His Wonders



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