Why Isaiah’s Vision is What We Need in Challenging Times

These are tumultuous times. COVID-19, racial injustice, riots, an economic downturn, and a massive explosion in Beirut has left many feeling fearful, hopeless or numb. Similarly, Isaiah and the Israelites would have also felt fearful, hopeless and perhaps numb toward the beginning of Isaiah’s ministry. Before Isaiah’s ministry began Jerusalem was in dire straits. AssyriaContinue reading “Why Isaiah’s Vision is What We Need in Challenging Times”

Is It Ever Okay to Judge Others?

“Who am I to judge?” “If that makes them happy who am I to say it’s wrong?” “Let me live my life.” “Don’t judge.” This is our cultures attitude toward judging of any kind. Telling others they are in the wrong is simply out of the question. It limits our self-expression. Let’s look at someContinue reading “Is It Ever Okay to Judge Others?”

Don’t You Want Somebody to Love?

All of us desire true friendship. I talk with many people who express a frustration with the lack of friendships or lack of depth in friendships they have. Technology gives us a taste of friendship, but is only a facade compared to authentic friendship. In her book Alone Together, Sherry Turkle argues that technology hasContinue reading “Don’t You Want Somebody to Love?”