Part 1: Let Earth Receive Her King!

**This is the first post in the Joy to the World series with each post highlighting a verse of the well-known Christmas carol. You can read the intro to the series here.**   Eric Mataxes wrote a book called 7 Men, which highlights 7 extraordinary men. One of the chapters was on George Washington. ThereContinue reading “Part 1: Let Earth Receive Her King!”

Joy to the World: Blog Series Introduction

Christmas is a time that celebrates Christ’s birth. However,  with the shopping, parties, finals, decorating and busyness, Christ can unimaginably be so far from our thoughts. A holiday named after Christ is celebrated by millions who scarcely have room in their thoughts and hearts for him. This is why tomorrow I am beginning a blogContinue reading “Joy to the World: Blog Series Introduction”

Your Struggles Aren’t Your Identity

***This is a guest post by an anonymous author who is a devout follower of Jesus and has struggled with same-sex attraction his whole life. He’s also a close friend and a hero of mine.*** I’ve been walking with Christ for the last 8 years but can honestly admit same sex attraction is something IContinue reading “Your Struggles Aren’t Your Identity”